Monday, September 1, 2008

Battlelore - Dark Fantasy (Demo) (192)

Line Up :

- Jyri Vahvanen, Guitar
- Miika Kokkola, Bass
- Henri Vahvanen, Drums
- Tommi Havo, Raging vocals, Guitar
- Patrik Mennander, Clean male vocals

Guest musicians:
- Maria, Synthesizer
- Kaisa Jouhki, Female vocals

'Beyond the Shadowgate' is a demo version of the track 'Shadowgate' from the
band's 1st full lenght album.
'Swordmaster' and 'The Green Maid' were re-recorded for the 1st album using the
same titles.

1.Swordmaster05:32[view lyrics]
2.The Legend02:25
3.Beyond the Shadowgate05:37[view lyrics]
4.Raging Goblin04:22[view lyrics]
5.Northern Crown06:13
6.The Green Maid02:48[view lyrics]
7.Dragon Magick03:49
Total playing time30:46

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